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  • 6:13 Where the Wild Things are Read Aloud

    1. What lesson do you think Max learned?
    2. Why did Max get sent to his room?
    3. Why did Max give up being the king of the Wild Things?
    4. How did the Wild Things feel when Max wanted to leave? Why?
    5. What do you think mischief means as used in the beginning of the story?

    Uploaded 2 days ago by J Plaza
  • 14:15 No, David! read aloud

    I read the book "No, David!" and talk a little about writing in Journals

    Uploaded 5 days ago by Rachel Lara
  • 9:41 Week of March 30, 2020 "Penguin Chick"

    This week's focus will be about main idea and details. Please watch the video to listen to a portion of the read aloud with an explanation about main idea and details.

    Send me your work through email or Google Drive.

    Uploaded a week ago by Vandana Suthar
  • 3:22 Learning at Home

    I am attaching another idea for letter-sound practice for all of the children. Please allow your child to watch the video and then encourage them to create a drawing of items that start with the letter t. Families could also extend the activity by clapping the syllables of the words that start with the t sound.

    Uploaded a week ago by Kathryn Wheatley-Koentopp

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