Ms. Brooke Budzileni
My name is Brooke Budzileni and I am the 7th/8th grade writing teacher! I have my Bachelor's in Education from Northeastern Illinois University, and a Master's in Educational Policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago. This is my first year at Haugan, but my second year teaching. I enjoy reading, spending time with my friends, spending time outdoors, and traveling.

I believe that reading and writing go hand in hand; reading is the input and writing is the output. For that reason, my class is a lot of both! We also work on vocabulary and grammar. My goal for my students is that they will be equipped as they progress in their education, especially as writers as they approach writer. It's my hope that they develop as emotionally and academically young people in their middle school years.

Please reach out to me at any time if you have any questions/comments/concerns. My email is

Thank you!