Mrs. Shellie Mild-Thomas
Hello everyone! I miss everyone very much and wanted to let you know I'm here for you during this uncertain time. While I am helping my own sons at home continue their schooling, I also wanted to help YOU, my extended family, continue learning at home. We've worked so hard this school year and I don't want us to regress.

I wanted to share with all my 7th and 8th graders important information during this COVID19 break. I want you to know I am available to chat via cps email ANYTIME during the day. I continually check my cps email through my phone as well as my laptop, so ANYTIME you wish to send an email about school work, I will try to reply as soon as I get it (at least the same day). I have assigned a Language Arts packet on March 16th, which was supposed to be enough work to take you into March 31st. Some of you have submitted work through Google docs, but I will be accepting all work until we go back. The expected date to go back to school is April 21st, but this date could change. I will upload all the work that I assigned on this webpage, but you can also email me at any time to find out what work you need.

As I stated via email, I will enter in grades that help bring your grade up. If you don't do well on a CommonLit article, for example, I will email you and let you know you have a chance to redo the assignment. There is no way your grade will go down during this time. Your grades CAN MOVE UP, if you turn in work.

Those of you who don't turn in any work will be marked as an INCOMPLETE, and you will have the chance to make up the work when we return to school.

Here is the work that I've been entering into APSEN so far:

7th grade: (I downloaded a PDF of "The Outsiders" if you didn't receive the print version)

1. "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" test print version (take a picture and send to me at
2. "The Outsiders" chapter 1: read the chapter and then create trading cards glued on construction paper (take a picture and send to
3. "The Outsiders" chapter 2: read the chapter and do the Reading Strategies questions (submit via Google docs or take a pic and submit)
4. "The Outsiders" chapter 3: read the chapter and answer the questions (submit via Google docs or take a pic and submit)
5. "The Outsiders" chapter 4: read the chapter and answer the questions (submit via Google docs or take a pic and submit)
6. "The Outsiders chapter 5: read the chapter and answer the questions (submit via Google docs or take a pic and submit)
7. CommonLit website: (Pick either "The Little Match Girl" or "The Bear and the Two Travelers")
8. Room 307 you must submit 2 Book Letters to me. You could even read subtitles from a Netflix movie and write up a summary of what you've read.

8th grade:
1. Diary of Anne Frank Act II: Scenes 1-5. You can access the story through or use your printed version. Submit all answers to the questions I gave via Google Docs or take a picture of what you've written and send as an attachment to
2. 1 page reflection discussing similar themes from Anne Frank being in hiding to what's going on with the COVID19 pandemic
3. CommonLit website: (Pick either "I am Offering this Poem" or "Hope is the Thing with Feathers" and submit. If you don't have access to Commonlit, I can provide you a different copy through google docs.
4. 2 Book Letters so far. You should read for 80 minutes/week and write up a letter to me about what you've read.

THERE WILL BE NO WORK ASSIGNED DURING SPRING BREAK! I am working with the 7th/8th grade team to come up with more activities to keep you going on your learning journey. 7th graders you will be ready for 8th grade and 8th graders you will be ready for High School!