Mrs. Janet Torres-Sanchez
Welcome Students, and Parents!

I hope you and your family are well during this difficult time!! We will get through this, and I MISS ALL of my chickadees! :) Please do not hesitate to contact me with ANY questions/concerns through email:, or on Google Classroom. I check my email throughout the day, and will respond to you within 24 hours. I will also answer any emails/questions through my Virtual Office Hours of 9:00-1:00 every day, Monday-Friday.

Each student has a Google Classroom account for Language Arts which allows them access to WORK TO COMPLETE DURING THE CLOSURE, as well as another outlet to contact their classmates and me. You can access Google Classroom through: All work and announcements are on Google Classroom. If you cannot access Google Classroom, packets of work were left in the office if your child was absent before the closure. I also uploaded the work and the packets here. :) (See Below and Attachments.) The office has also made copies of new packets and these are available at the Food Distribution site at Haugan. Please ask your child to show you their Google Classroom Account for Language Arts so you can see the work, as well as updates and announcements I have made since school has closed. Thank you!!!! Stay safe!

A description of the Remote Learning Work and Directions on Submitting the Work Electronically is linked at the bottom of this page.

Work to Complete for REMOTE LEARNING:
Beginning on MONDAY, APRIL 13th, students will NEED to login to their Google Classroom Account and emails EACH DAY. They must respond to any questions/requests I post, as well as complete the work assigned to them. Each day, I will post a new assignment for them to complete for Language Arts on Google Classroom. Some work will be completed through websites, (, and while other work needs to be submitted to me by the end-of-the-week on Saturday. (More information below.)

SAMPLE WORK ASSIGNMENT POSTED ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM: Starting Monday, April 13th, students will login to their Google Classroom Account and complete the work posted. A sample of the work will be to:

1. Complete a Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, and Grammar and Mechanics activity from (Specifics will be posted for the day)

2. Students will complete 1 box from the "Read" packet using "The Lightning Thief."

3. Students will complete a 1/2 page-1 page response to a journal question from the "Write" packet, or from "The Lightning Thief".

4. Students will spend 30 minutes a day for 3-5 days practicing Reading on (on their own time).

5. Students will be sure to have reread Chapters 1-17 in "The Lightning Thief" by May 1st.

**I will receive reports from both IXL and Compass Learning which will show completion of the work, scores, time spent, etc.) Student work from the Read boxes (#2) and the Write/Journal Questions (#3) will be due by the end-of-the-week on Saturday.** Students can either type and share their work, or take a picture of the work from their notebook and send the picture to my email: I made a video showing how to take pictures and send the work to me and posted it to Google Classroom.

**See the Attached Files for a more in-depth Description of the Remote Learning Work, as well as how to Submit work electronically.**

ANY WORK turned in will HELP YOUR GRADE!!! The work you complete cannot hurt your grade. You will get points based on how well you completed the assignments, and that will be used to BOOST YOUR GRADE. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to raise your grade, and your G.P.A. (Grade Point Average). Thanks!! If you have problems, please contact me:

Now, a little about me...My name is Janet K. Torres-Sanchez and I am the 6th Grade Language Arts teacher, as well as the Gifted 6th Grade Homeroom teacher. I have my Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an ESL Emphasis as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. I am also endorsed to teach Gifted Education (Grades K-9), ESL (Grades K-9) and have Middle School Endorsements in Language Arts and Social Sciences.

I have been a teacher at Haugan Elementary School since 2007 and have taught second, third grade gifted, and all sixth grades. I am an extremely dedicated and passionate teacher who hopes to truly make a difference in each of my kiddos' lives. :) I am a caring, but firm teacher who will provide support while challenging your child to stretch their abilities and thinking.

Through an exploration of literature and informational texts, we read closely and deeply to understand meaning, while examining important key concepts which are fundamental to building upon your child's learning. Besides reading, we also complete written journal assignments, take and justify position statements on different topics, and write essays and narratives. Equally important, we learn strategies to cope with our emotions during these crucial middle school years through S.E.L. (Social Emotional Learning) as well as during Language Arts. Whenever an opportunity arises where I can provide social and emotional learning, I do so by connecting the course content to your child's real life experiences. I believe connecting their work to the Real-World will provide the greatest amount of accomplishment because your child will see how and why their studies matter outside of the classroom. Plus, real-world teaching and learning will provide the tools your child needs to be successful in life. Lastly, we complete daily Language, (Grammar) activities in which we study one Language Common Core Standard per week at depth in order to make the concept fully comprehensible.

My personal goal for the end of the school year is your child will have been challenged with the work they have received from me, and feel confident to carry on their newly acquired skills to their future education.

Please feel free to contact me with ANY questions/concerns through email:, by note, phone: 773-534-5040, or on Google Classroom.

Let's make this an INCREDIBLE Year! Thank you!

Mrs. Janet K. Torres