Ms. Cristina Joe
Art for Everyone at Home:

Creating art is a fantastic way to pass the time while you are at home.  You can express yourself creatively and use it as an emotional outlet.  Creating art is a great way to calm anxiety. Visit museums online to explore new ideas and ways of thinking.

Here are some projects and resources to get you started: 

  1. Origami: You don't have to have a lot of fancy art materials at home to create art! You can create origami with just a piece of paper. Click on the file below to get started!
  2. Mr. Lappe, a CPS art teacher, has put together a fantastic list of resources, ideas, and projects to try.  Click on the attached file to explore.
  3. Many museums around the world offer virtual tours:  

Haugan Elementary School Virtual Art Gallery: call for art!

Hey Haugan students, faculty, and staff: let's share our artwork with each other by creating a virtual art gallery!  Email me, Ms. Joe, pictures of your work and I will post them here.  Please do not put your name on the front of your artwork.  I will not post names of minors so if your name is on the front of your work I will have to remove it.  Click on the photo album link to the left to view the gallery.

  • Open to all Haugan community members: students, faculty, staff, children of faculty and staff....the more the better!
  • Artwork can be any medium (drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, etc.)
  • Please send pictures of your artwork only: I will not post pictures of students.
  • Artwork should be appropriate for viewers of all ages.
  • Please include:
    • Your name (I will not post students/ minors' names on the website, but I'd like to know who made it!)
    • Your age or grade level (students & children only)
    • Title of your work (if any)
    • Medium (what it is made of)
    • Size (optional)
    • And a short artist statement if you want.  An artist statement is a brief description of how you made your artwork and what it is about.
I can't wait to see everyone's creations!