Armando Rivas
Hello parents and students, 

Welcome to my PAGE! 

We are indeed living in trying times, but rest assure even this shall pass.  I trust you and yours are doing well and keeping each other safe.  I am not sure how long this quarantine should last but rest assure WE WILL get through this.  I recommend you listen, watch, and read the news (shut off FORTNITE for 15 minutes) for constant updates and ways to keep each other safe and sound.

Eventually the city will be implementing an eLearning system- virtual learning.  Some of you might have heard about or some of your siblings are already getting homework and live feeds from their teachers from high school and or colleges.  WE are going to be learning this together, it will be interesting. Rest assure even I will be uncomfortable with this, but this is the first step in  the learning process!  I will try to use the same things we used in class- learning odyssey, learning games for kids, google docs, google slides, etc.  Remember, it is better to work now than LATER.... 

Happy eLearning!!!  

You can always email me with your questions and concerns. I shall try to respond as quickly as possible. 

Be well, stay home, and safe, 

Mr. Rivas